On 1 January 2019, an EU regulation came into force specifying a maximum level of 0.60 milligrams of cadmium per kilograms of cocoa powder and maximum levels for various chocolate products. Until now, there have been no limits for acrylamide in food. However, in 2018, the EU set out new guidelines and measures to minimise the content for certain foods.

Reference materials for cadmium and acrylamide in cocoa powder have previously not been available on the market. That is why BAM has developed three new reference materials. The certified cadmium levels are close to the EU maximum levels, as well as above and below them. The new materials also trace defined acrylamide contents which are given for information. Products with a natural strain of cadmium and acrylamide were used as starting material for their development.

Certifiied mass fraction of Cd
in mg/kg
in mg/kg
Mass fraction of Acrylamide
in mg/kg (for Information)
0,009 0,051
0,541 0,024 0,101
ERM-BD5150,690 0,029 0,095

ERM-BD513, ERM-BD514 as well as ERM-BD515 are available from BAM at a price of 142,- € excl. VAT each in plastics bags containing ca. 8 g of powder.

German report

Info: Inorganic Reference Materials, Dr. Sebastian Recknagel