BAM's calibration laboratory

BAM's calibration laboratory

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Measurement results must be precise. With its calibration laboratory, BAM makes an important contribution to the metrological traceability of measurement and test results.

The calibration laboratory D-K-11075-08

BAM operates its own accredited calibration laboratory for force, temperature and electrical quantities. The calibration laboratory of BAM is accredited by the German national accreditation body (DAkkS ) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The services are available for both internally at BAM and for external customers. In addition, the calibration laboratory provides its expertise in the form of consulting activities, e.g. on the selection of sensors and measuring equipment, as well as in the context of research and development, e.g. for novel sensor and calibration concepts.

Accreditation certificate and scope

Metrological traceability

Traceability is the basic requirement for the comparability of measurement results. The traceability of a measurement result is given if the determined value is related to a national or international standard by an unbroken chain of comparison measurements with known measurement uncertainties (calibrations). In addition, further elements must be given, such as the documentation of the calibration chain, the competence of the executing laboratory proven e.g. by accreditation, as well as a plan for appropriate recalibration periods.

Especially when a conformity assessment is carried out by means of measurements, the correctness of the measurement results must be ensured. Traceability is an essential contribution to confidence in the validity of measurement results and one of the fundamental requirements in the application of quality standards, such as DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Also, in the scope of research and development activities, metrological traceability receives increasing attention and is part of ensuring a good research practice.

DFG Portal Scientific Integrity (DFG's Guidelines for Good Research)

Prerequisites for precise measurements

The requirements for precise measurements with the smallest possible measurement uncertainties include stable environmental conditions with minimal thermal, mechanical and radiation-induced perturbation, a comprehensive inventory of high-class measurement and calibration equipment and established procedures. The majority of reference standards used in the calibration laboratory is directly linked to the national standards of PTB .

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