List your CRM on the COMAR database

As a CRM producer in a country or region that participates in the COMAR consortium you are invited to register your CRM in the COMAR database. Please contact your national COMAR contact person ("coding center") for this.

Necessary pieces of information:

  • producer address
  • CRM name, year of certification description (searchable keywords) of main topics (e.g. matrix, analyte group)
  • intended use of the CRM
  • form of the material, packaging and storage
  • certificate of CRM (preferably in English)
  • certification report (if available)

Once your CRMs have been encoded in COMAR, please inform your national coding centre of any changes regarding your CRMs. If you are a CRM producer from a country which has no COMAR coding center, and wish to register your CRMs in the COMAR database, please contact the COMAR secretariat at BAM.