1 | Inorganic analysis

101 Analysis of Ultra Pure Materials and Purity Characterisation
102 Determination of Elemental Mass Fractions Using Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry (IDMS)
103 Mass Spectrometric Isotope Analysis for the Highly Accurate Determination of Isotopic Compositions and Atomic Weights of Elements
104 High Precision X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF) by Reconstitution Technique
105 Non-destructive Determination of Trace and Ultra Trace Elements in Different Matrices with Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA)
109 Electrogravimetric Precision Determination of Copper
110 Gravimetric Determination of Molybdenum in Raw Materials for Steel Production
114 Potentiometric Determination of Chromium in Steel, Special Alloys and Ferrochromium

2 | Organic analysis

201 Quantitative Liquid-State 1H NMR Spectroscopy (qNMR)
206 High Precision Analysis of Ethanol in Water

3 | Gas analysis and gas measurement

301 Gas-Chromatographic Certification of Calibration Gases and Reference Gas Mixtures for the Determination of the Calorific Value of Fuel Gases
302 Gas-Chromatographic Certification of Calibration Gases and Reference Gas Mixtures for Vehicle Exhaust Emission Measurements
303 Chamber Test for the Determination of the Steady State Formaldehyde Concentration
304 Chamber Test for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted from Materials and Products
305 Reference Measurement of Humidity
306 Testing and Calibration of Gas Sensors

4 | Microprobing and microstructure analysis

401 Determination of Chemical Composition with High Precision by Energy Dispersive X-ray Microbeam Analysis (EDS)
402 Precision Measurement of the Specific Surface Area of Solids by Gas Adsorption
403 Identification of Polymorphic Forms of Organic and Inorganic Compounds by X-Ray Diffractometry
404 Phase Analysis of Particles in the Nanometer Range
405 Precise Determination of Diameters of Uniform Microsphere Particles by X-Ray Refractometry
406 Precise Determination of Single Fibre Debonding in Composites by X-Ray Refractometry

5 | Testing of mechanical-technological properties

501 Force Calibration up to 30 MN – Use in Ultra-High-Force Testing Machines
502 Force Reference Standard / High Accuracy Calibration Machine
503 Mechanical Testing: Schweißbarkeitsprüfung von Bauteilen
504 Component Weldability Test
508 Test and Calculation Method for the Determination of Temperatures and Heat Transfer Conditions in Fire Resistance Furnaces
509 Instrumented Indentation Test for Hardness and Materials Parameter at Test Forces Greater than 2 N (Macro Range)

6 | Testing of optical and electrical properties

601 Determination of the Total Spectral Radiance Factor of Fluorescent Reflecting Materials
602 Determination of Reflectometer Values
603 Determination of the Retroreflection of Surfaces
604 Determination of Spectral Reflection Factors and Transmittance of Non-fluorescent Materials
605 Determination of Dielectric Strength of Ceramic Substrates
606 Determination of Dielectric Properties of Solid Materials

7 | Non-destructive testing

701 Assessment of Reliability of Non-destructive Testing
702 Characterisation of X-Ray Film Systems for Non-Destructive Testing
703 Determination of Image Quality Parameters of NDT Film Digitisation Systems and Digital Radiological Detectors
704 Measurement of the Optical Density of X-ray Films
705 Spark-erosive Preparation of Reference Defects for Non-destructive Testing
706 Thickness Measurement of Concrete Elements via Scanning Impact-Echo
708 Localisation of Tendon Ducts and Rebars in Concrete with GPR

8 | Testing of surface and layer properties

802 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis of Surfaces (ESCA / XPS): Measurement of Overlayer Thickness of Thermally Oxidized Silicon
803 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Determination of Optical and Dielectric Material Constants and Thickness
806 Quantitative Determination of Organic Silicon Compounds at the Surface of Elastomers
807 Determination of Single Layer Thickness of Multilayer Coating Systems in the Micro- and Nanometer Range
808 Instrumented Indentation Test for Determination of Hardness and Other Plastic-Elastic Materials Characteristics (Nano and Micro Ranges)
809 Multi-Probe Topography Analysis