Component test device and submerged arc tandem welding equipment

Component test device and submerged arc tandem welding equipment

Source: BAM

Reference procedures can basically be allocated to three main denotations:

  • A procedure for which the quality of the result is known and sufficiently high that it can be used to assess the quality of the result from another procedure
  • A procedure that defines a measurement parameter or test value
  • A procedure that is specified by a statutory provision for a measuring or testing task.

In BAM, the term "Reference Procedure" is used in line with the first meaning above. The range of BAM
reference procedures (Reference Procedure Directory) goes from singular procedures that are developed at BAM to reference implementations of standard procedures. Test procedures for which there are specific statutory provisions – for example in the area of hazardous substances or hazardous goods law – are not included. The reference procedures are used in all of BAM’s focus areas.


The Reference Procedures Directory provides BAM customers with an overview of the reference procedures that we provide and regularly update. If you are interested in consultancy on and information about a reference procedure or test, measurements or analysis with reference procedures, the contact person specified for the individual procedures will be happy to help.

The reference procedures provided by BAM can be used as testing standards for the associated economic sectors – in particular for small and medium-sized businesses.